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December 13th, 2009 by paul peditto
  • “Paul Peditto has amazed me more and more every time I use his script editing services. I not only had him go over my first draft, but also my second and third! Having it be my first script, I could not have been any happier finding him as early as I did in a hopeful writing career. His knowledge and complete honest feedback helped me create a script I never thought I was capable of. He pushes you to get the best product out of yourself. The experience I gained from Paul was more than any I would have received from a college course and much cheaper! I also could not have been more impressed with his memory from draft to draft over the past year of editing. His passion is shown in his work, and being the true professional that he is, my script would not have made the progress it did without, Paul. I will definitely use his services for any screenplay I write in the future! Thank you.”– Jesse Bickford, Screenwriter
  • “Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.  When I laid out the plan I never dreamed of even coming close to the time, care, and encouragement you’ve given.   If I can make this happen, it will be because you took the time from YOUR world, and gave a fuck.  You make a difference.”– Steve Eppidemix, Screenwriter
  • I couldn’t be more pleased. You dug deeper than any previous coverage I’ve received and zeroed in on the numerous weak points in the script. I’m grateful you didn’t pull any punches and that you prefer to just be honest with your assessment. I’ve paid for coverage and I always felt like they held back, either because they were being polite or since I was paying them, they didn’t want to be brutally truthful. Your coverage was a much needed kick in the gut.Chris Roberts, ex-Green Beret and screenwriter
  • Working with Paul was much more than I expected in every way. I was thoroughly impressed with his knowledge of story structure and character development, as he easily identified all of the weak points in my script and gave me full insight as to how to improve those weak points. Most importantly, Paul gave me a clear look as to the direction my script needed to go in order for it to be a smooth read, and therefore more marketable. I will definitely be working with Paul again in the future.”–Miles Beaudoin
  • Paul Peditto is more than just a superb scriptwriter. He instinctively understands how a script is put together and what makes all the elements click. When you combine all these elements plus his extensive insider knowledge of marketing and networking techniques,  you have a one-stop opportunity to transform your rough draft into a polished screenplay. He instantly seizes upon weak elements in your script and comes up with inspired solutions to make a good script great.  He helped turn my shapeless script into a tight and polished screenplay. He did this not by imposing his vision but by teaching me to improve my own.–Elaine Tuman
  • Paul Peditto’s feedback has been invaluable in sharpening my skills and readying me for screenplay competition such as Nicholl, Austin, & Sundance. His critiques are highly insightful and his no nonsense approach is refreshing. I’m a big fan of his and this website!–Mike Apostolidis
  • Screenwriting is not a hobby for me.  My goal is to become a professional screenwriter.  While I’m not there yet, Paul has been a constant, encouraging mentor along the way.  With his help and guidance, I went from having no knowledge of even the basic screenplay format, to two completed, polished scripts.  (both of which are for sale if anyone is interested!)–Ken Lubinski
  • Paul Peditto is one smart cookie. I was adapting my play ” Blind Tasting” to screen play form and had him look it over. With his help I definitely took it to the next level. He took my screenplay and using common sense, creativity and an encyclopedic knowledge of classic screen plays, made it better. He cleaned up the technical aspects and saw some inspired dramatic possibilities as well; his instincts were right on. Paul is the Vince Lombardi of screen writer coaches! —Sharon Evans, Chicago Playwright, and winner of the Jeff Award for best new play, 2003.
  • Paul was great! He made the brutal process of dissecting and rearranging my script less painful with his personal-able nature. He offered great advice and constructive criticism. I know I have a better grasp on my script after working with him.–Abbéy Odunlami
  • Paul’s comments, feedback and suggestions were spot on. His ideas were fresh and gave me new perspective on my screenplay.   His advice on marketing and navigating the confusing world of Hollywood was invaluable.  I definitely plan on talking to Paul again.–Eljay Arenberg
  • I’m stone-cold amazed at how much work you did in less than 24 hours. Your ideas and insights are invaluable. I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW MUCH I APPRECIATE YOUR TIME AND EXPERIENCE!–Frank Freudberg
  • Thank you, thank you for your time and comments!  This is surely the best feedback I’ve ever gotten on a script. –Gita Kapila, Writer/Director, Two Sides Of Suicide
  • I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your work on my screenplay. Worth every penny.  You pointed out the errors directly and concisely without making me look like an idiot. Your notes were a godsend. Definitely 5 stars out of 5.–Mike Thor, Screenwriter
  • Thanks for everything, Paul.  Can’t tell you how much our brief relationship has fundamentally changed me for the better as a writer.  Amazing what just a few words can do when directed properly – you are like a Script Sniper – deadly accurate.–Jason Philips, Screenwriter
  • Paul’s feedback was great. Very helpful and quick turn around. I have a better understanding on how to rework my script from story plot to formatting thanks to his efforts and knowledge. Joe Splendorio, Screenwriter



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  • Drew Bryan writes:
    December 18th, 2011 at 12:33 pm

    Pauls’ $60 buck notes are a real-deal steal. How does he do it??? After ripping through my script with pin-pointed accuracy on all its faults, omissions, miscues and meanderings I got it all tidied up and now it’s in the hands of a an Oscar-winning producer in LA. No shit. Thanks Paul, and see you in the New Year with my new script…best, Drew Bryan

  • Peter McMurran writes:
    April 3rd, 2017 at 11:13 am

    After trying a “well known” script consultant and over paying for meager coverage, I dropped into Paul’s world and was taken care of by a pro. After Paul’s notes and our 2 1/2 hour focused, fun and, at times, irreverant consult; the script moved to that 95% plateau. It’s the best I can do on this one and submitted it for competition. If it makes some noise, so be it. The creative process is the pleasure and working with Paul was a blast. I will use him on my next script, and my next, and my next…he is that good and he is cool.

    • paul peditto writes:
      April 3rd, 2017 at 8:05 pm

      Thanks so much, Peter!

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