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Let’s carry on with my unconventional list of the best sex scenes in mainstream movies. Remember from the first go-around, the Orson Well quote: “Ecstasy … is not to be communicated by a couple of people, or one person, or any combinations there of, unless it’s actually happening … [Ecstasy] is really not part of […]

Today we’ll carry on with the Top 101 Screenplays as voted by the Writer’s Guild Of America. You can find tons of Oscar-nominated scripts at Simply Scripts here. If you ever wanted to go to Film School, here’s one of the exercises we do. Compare and contrast. I’ll cut and paste a favorite scene from […]

129 Beautiful Frames

December 14, 2015 0 Comment

***QUICK EDITOR’S NOTE: No, this isn’t one of the 129 most beautiful frames ever in the movies, but it ain’t bad! It’s from my movie CHAT which I have spoken of here at Script Gods Must Die ad infinitum. This is just to let you know, Good Reader, that you can now see what the […]

Point Of Entry

March 23, 2015 0 Comment

Point Of Entry is a tricky one. Robert McKee, one of the original Script Gods, in his book Story, wrote about inclusion and exclusion. One of the most important skills a screenwriter will ever need is knowing what stays, and what goes. So where do you start your script? Any rules that can help guide […]