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Once more we go back to the well of the Top 101 Screenplays as voted by the Writer’s Guild Of America. As with the first two times we visited this list, I will find a famous scene from each script, then find the corresponding scene on YouTube. You can roll the video and the scene […]

  Remember this scene? The first meeting with Sollozzo. This is not Plot Point 1 of The Godfather, but it’s arguably the most important scene in the movie. Now you’re like…huh? Classic screenplay structure, meaning Old School Syd Field variety, tells us that the Plot Point 1 takes us out of the First Act. It’s a lynch […]

Point Of Entry

March 23, 2015 0 Comment

Point Of Entry is a tricky one. Robert McKee, one of the original Script Gods, in his book Story, wrote about inclusion and exclusion. One of the most important skills a screenwriter will ever need is knowing what stays, and what goes. So where do you start your script? Any rules that can help guide […]