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May 9, 2016 0 Comment

Good Reader, another week, another confessional… If there’s one thing I’ve mastered over the years– being Southern Italian and Type A– it’s “hating” well. Hating artfully. To quote The Sound Of Music, here are a few of my least favorite screenwriting things– circa my article this week in Script Magazine. The only thing I hate […]

OK, one last time to the well with the Script Magazine archives. Hopefully the previous samplings helped you. I’ve given this info before, but here is the full list of contributor blogs, a wealth of knowledge to be found. My own blog for them is here. THE PITCH DECK   Shoot me, but I never […]

Let’s continue with our look into some of the best Script Magazine posts. To check out the full list of Script Mag contributors, go here. Website home page is here. A column of my own stuff appears here. A SCREENPLAY– THE DP’S POV   There’s a shamanism to being a writer. It involves breaking out […]

Got writer’s block? Boy, is this post for you! We’ll continue our Script Magazine series with a special writer’s block edition. Lucky you! Three different takes on that dreaded condition. Vamos! IMPROVISING SCREENPLAYS The first method of combating writer’s block comes from an excellent article by Brett Wean. His method? Improvisation. “That there will be […]

Good Reader, today we’ll hit the links once more with a bunch of articles I couldn’t group. So we’ll just toss ’em into the Miscellaneous pile. The goal, as ever, is to help you along on your script-writing journey. Let me know if any of this hits home… When you want to learn how to […]