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I’ve been writing for Script Magazine for two years now. It’s been a great pleasure to meet some of the people who write for the magazine as well as editor par excellance Jeanne Bowerman. Jeanne curates some mean content at Script Mag. In case you don’t visit that site and are interested in screenwriting, we’ll […]

Today we’ll continue our Sampler Series with some of the best writing from Script Magazine in 2016. I’ve been writing for Script Mag for a couple years. You can check out my articles here. Today it’s other authors, some of the best people in the field. Hopefully it helps you on your way to writing […]

My new Script Magazine article is up. If you’re writing a micro-budget screenplay, maybe check this one out. It details some pitfalls along the path of my making CHAT (photo above) and gives some insight on the earliest formats your script can take in the outlining stage. Here’s a piece of it: “Glance at the […]

I’ve highlighted Script Magazine often here at Script Gods. Yeah, I’m a Homer because I write for them, but there’s excellent content over there curated by my editor Jeanne Bowerman. This will be last time to the well for the 2016 articles. Guaranteed there’s something to help you here, Good Reader. Check it out… WHERE’S […]

A bit less than two years ago I was welcomed into the Script Magazine world by my editor, friend, and– caps for emphasis– All-Around Good Human Being– Jeanne Bowerman. She’s a mentor to thousands of folks around the world both with her column and choices of contributors.  Many in-the-biz folks write for Jeanne. These are […]