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Oscars Edition: 2015

February 9, 2015 0 Comment

With the Oscars about 10 days off, time for a quick rundown. I shall turn my gaze to each Oscar category and give you one ex-craps dealer’s prognostication on who will win. Good Reader, no wagering or Vegas odds offered here! BEST PICTURE No contest. I thought this would be closer. All the nominees have […]

Script Gods is Five!

February 2, 2015 0 Comment

Good Reader, WTF! Five years? Where’d that go? Looks like I missed the Anniversary. December 9, 2009 was the first post here at Script Gods. Here’s a piece of it: “You’ve written a script (or 10) and sent it (them) out to varying degrees of success.  No breakthroughs, but there’s been “movement.” Or maybe you’ve […]

Hollywood, home of the true 1% Behind this gated community are the kidney-shaped pools and impeccable hedge rows, the $20,000,000 mansions and Bling-Ring excess. This is the country club of which you are most definitely not a member. You cannot apply to this club.  The gatekeepers know you are not of their cloth.  They can […]