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I could fill half a Top 10 Psycho scene list with Patrick Bateman highlights. By limiting myself to two today I’m leaving out the Final Confession sequence, the 2×1 prostitute scene (and don’t you love that the screenwriter, Guinevere Turner was one of the women?) and the Chloe Sevigny nail gun scene. Did you read […]

Point Of Entry

March 23, 2015 0 Comment

Point Of Entry is a tricky one. Robert McKee, one of the original Script Gods, in his book Story, wrote about inclusion and exclusion. One of the most important skills a screenwriter will ever need is knowing what stays, and what goes. So where do you start your script? Any rules that can help guide […]

Action Sequences

March 10, 2015 0 Comment

This one’s for you, action movie writers. Let’s check out some pro script action movie sequences. Before we do, read this rant on the often-attributed Picasso quote: “Bad artists borrow, great artists steal”. The best part of the rant is as follows: “To me, it means the difference between aping and assimilating; between copying and […]

Want to hear the voice of Chicago? Here’s the greatest scene you’ve never seen in a movie, because it isn’t from a screenplay at all. It’s a call from the current resident of Littleton, Colorado Federal Minimum Security prison and former Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich. On the other end is former Barack Obama Chief […]


February 18, 2015 0 Comment

SPOILERS! Good Reader, if you haven’t seen the movie Birdman, you might want to pass this week’s entry. We’ll be checking out the script for Birdman, which you can find here.  My over/under on Oscar wins for this movie is 5 including Best Picture, Director, Actor and Original Script, so yeah, I dug it. Inarritu and […]