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I’ve done a few of these Top 10 psycho scenes for Script Gods. Most of them, notably the Fargo wood chipper scene and Barton Fink’s Madman Mundt’s finale, or the American Psycho “Ever listen to Hughie Lewis And The News?” Paul Owen scene–are FULLY creatures of each director’s blackly comedic imagination. They are great because […]


May 17, 2015 0 Comment

Hey folks, let me introduce you to Devolve. This is a web series I became involved with last summer and helped shoot in late January, 2015. I know, EVERYONE is making a web series! It’s a crowded landscape and the last thing you need is ANOTHER “How-To” article on how YOU TOO can join the […]

Thinking about a monologue for your script? Wondering if it’s too much? Writing for the visual medium of film, you have to be half-crazy and really good, along with having a riverboat gambler’s mentality, to pull this off. That monologue you’re writing is going to take multiple screen minutes. How are you planning to visualize […]

Onward with our Best Screenwriting Links series. It occurred to me looking over my archives that among the dozens of amazing websites out there giving away knowledge for free–check the Links page at www.donedealpro.com for about two hundred of them– among these are a handful of ridiculously strong sites that could be featured in and […]

Action Sequences 2

April 13, 2015 0 Comment

All right, action fans! Let’s pick up where we left off with action sequence stylings that would make Tarantino or Shane Black envious! You can’t steal them outright, but let me remind you, Good Reader–while there are most definitely copyright laws for content, there is no copyrighting a style, how words are laid out on […]