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You know you’ve made it into national consciousness when folks snap photos for Trip Advisor at the Fargo-Moorhead Convention & Visitor’s Bureau in front of the wood chipper from the movie Fargo. This is the second Coen Brothers psycho to make my Top 10, and though Gaear Grimsrud (Peter Stormare) isn’t as celebrated as Madman […]

What is an action line? New screenwriters are taught to write action lines as: Who is in the shot and what is happening, now. What is the camera seeing, now. But when you study the pros you’ll find they do more than this. Pros cheat. They do it all the time. How do they do […]

Bet that title got your attention…beats freakin’ Plot Points! Today we’re gonna continue our script/clips series for Great Scenes with, YES!, the scene where mom (Joan Allen) masturbates for the first time. I’ll show the script here and you can go down to the YouTube video below (and thanks to Cyrille from France for preserving […]

So I’ve talked a bit about character introductions and arcs, but what happens when a character isn’t even a person? What about when the living characters are defined by their environment and the locations themselves become a character in the movie? I want to show how this is handled in some well known, and not-so […]

Writing an action movie? Let’s do some work today on action sequences by studying Tarantino. Yeah I know, I’m on record as not worshiping at his alter like so many of my Columbia kids. There’s much to love about some of his stuff– Pulp Fiction, sure…that staggering opening set piece in Inglorious Basterds, how y’gonna beat […]