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Good Reader, today we’ll hit the links once more with a bunch of articles I couldn’t group. So we’ll just toss ’em into the Miscellaneous pile. The goal, as ever, is to help you along on your script-writing journey. Let me know if any of this hits home… When you want to learn how to […]

Give white space. Go vertical. You hear that from about 10,000 websites and I guess I’m gonna be 10,001. As a screenwriter, you don’t want this¬† ———————————————————————> You want this……. Driving the eye down the page. Why is that an advantage? Always comes back to the reader. If you haven’t written a micro-budget you’ll need […]

You get one scene from On The Waterfront, which do you pick? How about the Father Barry (Karl Malden) monologue where he gets pelted with crap for rabble-rousing?             Or the final punch up scene with a half-crippled Terry Malloy (Marlon Brando) fighting the heinous Johnny Friendly (Lee J. Cobb)? […]

The writer Bruce Vilanch once said something in one of my classes that resonated. When you describe your lead character, imagine someone of star magnitude, A-list, reading it. The description is the first exposure to their character. You don’t get a second chance to make a good impression. Protagonist/antagonist descriptions should be nailed down. How […]

When it comes to action sequences we’ve looked at some rule breakers–Tarantino and Shane Black– in recent weeks. Today, we’ll compare a classic action scene from The Fugitive, how it looks on the page vs. what it looks like on the screen. The longest movie version I can find online is here, on Vimeo. The […]