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The title says it all. All the damn links I accumulated and have laid on you from 2016, and still there are more! Well, this is it– one last list of screenwriting resources for you to check out from last year. Hope they help. And away we go! Fantastic Film Comment article on the making […]

Yes sir, ladies and gents, time for another round of– Best Links 2016! Lots of good stuff today culled from the internet this past year. Hope it helps your Quixote’s Journey to get your film made. Vamos! PITCH TRAILER- BLOOD SIMPLE I’ve talked about Proof-Of-Concepts before. Trying to developmental cash, you scrap up some seed […]

Yes, Good Reader, it’s that time again, Screenwriting Links, V.10! I have perused the internet’s Wide World of Sports to help you avoid the agony of defeat (Millennials, that’s a reference to the above image, ask your Grandpa to explain it) in your screenwriting careers. You’ll find a bunch of posts in this batch about […]

  Good Reader, I have just returned from the proverbial Australian Outback, hitting the long, hard road(see above) to bring you the best of the Internet, screenwriting edition, V9. While I have a twinge of guilt about not writing new stuff every week, I’m actually spending about 5X the time to find these kernels of […]

Hello again, Good Reader. I have braved the four corners of the screenwriting hinterlands to bring you back these rare nuggets of wisdom. Translation: Too much homework this week. So we’ll hit the Links again. There’s some good stuff here. I hope you can use some of it in your own quest to get that […]

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