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Today we’ll try one more riff off the wonderful Buzzfeed article “129 of the most beautiful shots in movie history”. I wondered what the scripts for each of these frames would look like. Film, being a visual medium, places the director’s place at (or near) the top of the priority pyramid. While the screenwriter’s place […]

Let’s carry on with my S-E-X-Y movie list. One last time, the Orson Well quote: “Ecstasy … is not to be communicated by a couple of people, or one person, or any combinations there of, unless it’s actually happening … [Ecstasy] is really not part of the thing we can do on celluloid.” Disproving the […]

Bet that title got your attention…beats freakin’ Plot Points! Today we’re gonna continue our script/clips series for Great Scenes with, YES!, the scene where mom (Joan Allen) masturbates for the first time. I’ll show the script here and you can go down to the YouTube video below (and thanks to Cyrille from France for preserving […]