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Think about Family Guy, and the character of Buzz Killington. Dude walks into a rockin’ party, opens his mouth, and the air goes out of the room. That’s what I’m about to do when I bring up today’s subject of –hit it, Buzz!—Writing The Killer Synopsis! Let’s define our terms. Synopsis is not a treatment. […]

It’s been a long while since we talked about the basics here at Script Gods. When I say basics, I mean baby steps, the stuff you’ll need to get started–a  potpourri of everything from software to copyright questions. You old pros can take your leave now, you’ve got these fundamentals down. Riiiiight? SOFTWARE Current industry […]

The eternally galling thing about being a screenwriter is that loss of control is a given. The reason for this indignity? Whoever pays the piper calls the tune. Whether it be a $200+ million dollar Studio film or a $2,000 buck 2-day micro, whoever comes up with the money, in general, gets creative control. Notice […]