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Logline Workshop

June 20, 2014 0 Comment

Loglines terrorize new screenwriters, and I understand why. Summing up a 100-page screenplay in 25 words or less?! In a maximum of two sentences? Daaaamn! Somebody, tell me how I get my arms around this thing?! The internet is already crawling with logline advice from the 10,001 screenwriting websites, so without adding to the Same […]

I stopped scrolling the Google search pages for Pixar’s 22 Rules Of Storytelling at 20+ pages. God knows how long it goes on for, and how many websites have linked to them. There’s certainly no burning need for me to add to this number, but I will, just in case some reader of Script Gods […]

As a teacher, the most valuable thing I have to offer any student is real world knowledge. In the world of screenwriting gurus it’s quite a more dangerous place than you’d imagine, insisting that the guy giving you notes has actually, you know, written a fucking movie. Lots and lots of pretenders out there with […]

Hollywood, home of the true 1% Behind this gated community are the kidney-shaped pools and impeccable hedge rows, the $20,000,000 mansions and Bling-Ring excess. This is the country club of which you are most definitely not a member. You cannot apply to this club.  The gatekeepers know you are not of their cloth.  They can […]

Readers of Script Gods know that I’m a recent convert to the Church of D.I.Y. Micro-budget as THE WAY. If you needed more evidence of this trend as gone mainstream, you have only to look at the recent Joss Wheedon release of his micro-budget In Your Eyes. Whedon’s film premiered at Tribeca film fest. Then, […]