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As a craps dealer, call 11 and you’ll get cheers all day long. 7 and 11 win on the Come Out roll but alas, this has little to do with screenwriting. I’d call out the stickman’s call, Good Reader, if it got you closer to a sale. 11 is lucky in the dice pit so […]

Yes, Good Reader, it’s that time again, Screenwriting Links, V.10! I have perused the internet’s Wide World of Sports to help you avoid the agony of defeat (Millennials, that’s a reference to the above image, ask your Grandpa to explain it) in your screenwriting careers. You’ll find a bunch of posts in this batch about […]

  Good Reader, I have just returned from the proverbial Australian Outback, hitting the long, hard road(see above) to bring you the best of the Internet, screenwriting edition, V9. While I have a twinge of guilt about not writing new stuff every week, I’m actually spending about 5X the time to find these kernels of […]

  Good Reader, while I aim to inspire you with personal content each and every week, some weeks the well runs dry. Like Luis Guzman told Al Pacino in Carlito’s Way after watching him get shot: “Sometimes it just bes that way, Pappi.” Looking for a creative kickstart, I usually go to a handful of […]