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Good Reader, it’s time for Version 3 of our thrilling revisiting of screenplay format! I give you my word– and you can judge this for yourself starting with that Velveeta log above– this will be no bland/mind-numbingly boring discussion on the “rules” of screenwriting. This one will be F-U-N! Vamos…. THE VELVEETA CHEESE RULE “Keep […]

The Long Take

July 31, 2016 0 Comment

Today I’d like to riff off something I did with a series of post on the Buzzfeed article on the “129 most beautiful frames in the movies”. This time it’s a great Screen Crush article on The Long Take. I wondered what the scripts would look like for these famous long take action sequences. Academic […]

Last night teaching at Chicago Filmmakers we were looking over a script loaded with action line verbs like she realizes and he thinks, which, of course, triggered the Unfilmables debate. It always does. The student pointed out several professional screenplays that broke the rules. Being a rule breaker from way back, I was aware of […]

Action Line POV 2

November 30, 2015 0 Comment

We recently went over Action Line POV looking at My Best Friend’s Wedding. How do the pros infuse their own personality into action lines? Remember, action lines are supposed to be what the camera is seeing now. The pros cheat this, big time. They infuse the objective with the subjective–meaning their own writing style. With […]

Give white space. Go vertical. You hear that from about 10,000 websites and I guess I’m gonna be 10,001. As a screenwriter, you don’t want this  ———————————————————————> You want this……. Driving the eye down the page. Why is that an advantage? Always comes back to the reader. If you haven’t written a micro-budget you’ll need […]

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