Ah, to be the poet! On writing only those things that strike his fancy! Writing what resonates with him, period. If they get it they get it, if not, fuck ’em! Screenwriters don’t get that luxury. As Mamet told us long ago, “screenwriting is a collaborative business. Bend over.” Seems to me a sign of […]

Centipedes freak me out. They belong in the deep woods or a David Lynch Eraserhead fantasy sequence. Can’t tell the difference between the head and the tail, all those freakin’ squiggly legs… They are a nightmare, and that was before I even watched The Human Centipede. Writing is storytelling. This goes for a three-line haiku […]

“Thanksgiving dinners take eighteen hours to prepare. They are consumed in twelve minutes. Half-times take twelve minutes. This is not coincidence.” -Erma Bombeck It’s Thanksgiving week, and as with many holiday scenarios, my own Thanksgiving will be spent with family and friends. In my case, actually, ex-family. I spend the holidays with my brother’s ex-wife’s […]

  For those of you unable to make the lecture today at Chicago Screenwriters Network. I’ll post the full content shortly, but for now, let me ask you this: Do you need an agent to start your career as a writer? Short answer is… No. Do you need to submit and place well in screenwriting […]

*EDITOR’S NOTE: If you’re in Chicago next weekend, I’ll be speaking at the Chicago Screenwriter’s Network at Porkchop Restaurant, Sunday, November 4th. Check Chicago Screenwriters Network for time and location! There will also be some up-to-date information about CHAT, the micro-budget movie that will be shooting this March & April. For information, visit our Kickstarter […]