NOVEMBER, 2012 Micro-budget pre-production! Christ help you if you don’t clear that Google inbox 5X a day. 10 or more threads continuously in play between the team…no time to slack off if we’re to make this March shooting date. What’s keeping us busy? KICKSTARTER Launched. 30 days, to expire on November 21, day before Thanksgiving. […]

Today, I’d like to compare broad and black comedy. I’ve told you before I don’t have the genre of broad comedy in me. Don’t know how many screenplays I’ve written but not one of them is broad comedy. Black comedy, on the other hand, is just about my favorite genre. So how could that be? […]

Hating on Hollywood? I am not. I hope all of you make your way to L.A….on your terms. I’m talking about alternates to following the Old School approach of writing query letters in hopes of getting an agent. Or submitting to endless screenwriting contests in hopes of some Quarterfinal placement that will turn your life […]

It gets annoying, doesn’t it? All the experts–and yeah, me too–telling you how to write dialogue? As if it were actually possible that I could teach you how to be funny… Between Columbia College and Chicago Filmmakers I’ve had maybe a thousand students in the last decade. Yet the question remains…can I actually teach you […]

SEPTEMBER, 2012 Fresh eyes! Boris and I pick up the script again, but not until some “philosophical” questions are settled: –What movie are we making? The influences are varied: HARDCORE or the THE MACHINIST? CLEAN, SHAVEN or PI? MULHOLLAND DRIVE to MEMENTO? –What is the tone? We want it out there, but how far out […]