2:51pm, Friday, March 1. It’s freakin’ 8 degrees outside. That’s straight up Chi-town temperature. Wind chills will approach -20 tonight. Snowy dust blows into thin air.Why did I have to say something pithy about global warming a week ago? About how it’s so warm Chicago may never go back to the bad old days of […]

Wise Words From Kaj

February 28, 2013 0 Comment

I like to keep tabs on former students. Does my heart good to hear when they do well. One of these is Kaj Kjellesvig. You can check out his award-winning Demo Reel, and some of his other work, here. I knew he’d be something special before he even left school, with a movie he wrote […]

Oscar 2013 Special

February 21, 2013 0 Comment

It’s Oscars Week and I’m not going to bore you with yet another predictions list. Instead I’ve got something different for you. It’s a video montage of 84 years of Oscar winners, and the insane story of how this video came to be. Nelson Carvajal is a local Chicago guy. He lives down the block […]

Ok, let’s compare these comedy sub-genres through two Oscar worthy movies out right now: BROAD COMEDY Start with TED: If it’s MacFarlane, you know there are going to be wall-to-wall pop-culture gags: INT. JOHN AND LORI’S APARTMENT – SAME John and Ted sit on the couch, in the same exact spots we saw them earlier, […]

NOVEMBER, 2012 Micro-budget pre-production! Christ help you if you don’t clear that Google inbox 5X a day. 10 or more threads continuously in play between the team…no time to slack off if we’re to make this March shooting date. What’s keeping us busy? KICKSTARTER Launched. 30 days, to expire on November 21, day before Thanksgiving. […]