You’ll often hear people talk of gray characters. Meaning they are neither black nor white, complex, surprising, challenging, resisting cliches. How do you go about doing that, exactly? The toughest part is finding the balance between the good in someone and the not so good. You want a multidimensional protagonist, so you sprinkle in some […]

DAY 11: 4-19-13 Goodbye to the comfortable womb that was our Jackson Avenue Board of Trade Offices. Goodbye to the entire second floor we were living in for a full month,  to the hundred $200 buck mesh biz chairs, the snack room, and to the rat that ate director Boris Wexler’s box of chocolates. Haven’t […]

One of my all-time favorite articles is by a fellow you probably have never heard of, Allan Heifetz, who at one point or another in his life found himself making a buck as a script reader.  The powers-that-be, the money people, the people with an actual vote on whether your script is actually made, are […]

Here’s the latest in the continuing series from the DIY landscape of CHAT. Hopefully those of you about to make your own micro-budgets or eventually want to make one, will glean something from these real-time posts. ·         DAY 9: 4/13/13 Weekend 4—Saturday. Final two days downtown at our Board Of Trade offices. This is the […]

Special thanks to Columbia College’s Julian Grant and Del Harvey who have—for about the thousandth time—shared an amazing link on Facebook. This one, from the New York Times, is a series entitled Anatomy Of A Scene. It features key scenes from major movies broken down by the director. I’ve been trying to do something similar […]