Might be pure laziness, but looking around for a blog topic this week it occurred to me that when I closed down my class at Columbia College entitled SURVIVING OUTSIDE HOLLYWOOD I had put together a pretty damn good list of micro-budget filmmaking and digital information sources. It would be a shame to see those […]

Just re-read an old article written by Allen Glazier, Director of the Slamdance Screenplay Competition, who I very briefly had contact with years ago when my script NATURE BOYS made semifinals in his contest. This article is a compilation of everything BAD he sees in screenplays that come his way. It first came out on […]

Chat, Weekend 1

March 28, 2013 0 Comment

Friday, March 22, 3:30p.m. DAY 1 Who says we don’t have a sense of humor? First shot of the day: A cemetery! Lead character Falcon(Rush Pearson) lays a wreath, rises to be observed-confronted by a Lynchian groundskeeper (Rich Cotovsky).  20 degree late-March temps with wind chills make it feel like zero. Perhaps it’s basic superstition […]

Paraphrasing leads to errors, but for the life of me I can’t remember the name of the Hollywood producer who said—and I’m paraphrasing an idea here—it is better to have a killer concept executed poorly than a mediocre concept executed well. At the Studio level, a bad script can be rewritten 10 times over to […]

Good Reader, back at you this week with more from the Overheard Dialogue Files. There is a wealth of crazies out there, not just in Chicago, but in your hometown too! I suggest you ride the public transit rails at 2am, hang in a bunch of lines at Target, frequent film school shindigs in search […]