We recently spent some time on Point Of Entry. In a sin deserving of a 50 Shades Of Grey whipping, I somehow left out The Matrix. How does one leave out one the great openings in the history of film? Think about it… in the pre-digital, attention deficit disorder era, you used to get 10 pages […]

Video Smorgasbord 3

January 10, 2018 0 Comment

Today we’ll offer up a veritable smorgasbord– Part 3 of my recent check of internet screenwriting resources  that come in video form. Hopefully they will be of interest.  And so, without further ado, like they say on ESPN, “let’s go to the videotape!”   HARDCORE HENRY- POV SHOTS “Ever since its showing at the South […]

Good Reader, welcome to 2018! I wish you all glad tidings and best of luck in the year to come. Let’s start off here with, yep, screenwriting L I N K S! While I have a small pang of guilt that I didn’t write any of these, it doesn’t much bother me. It’s -20 below […]

The Biz: 2017: Part 2

December 15, 2017 0 Comment

This is part 2 of my post on The Biz. You can find Part 1 here. By the Biz I’m talking about TV, film, web series, changing trends, etc. I’ll present showbiz-related posts for the year 2017 that I thought were enlightening. As per usual, this is dedicated to your edification in the screenwriting trade […]

Great Speeches: V 2.0

December 3, 2017 0 Comment

Good Reader, if you’ve read my previous Great Scenes or Speeches posts you know I have a tendency to pick them from 1990 and before. Apologies… I promise the next version of Great Speeches will have nothing pre-Millennium. Meanwhile, I hope some of these killer monologues enlighten your own screenplay process. The first one is […]