I recently posted about a 50-something, this-close-to-the-scrap-heap-of-obsolescent teacher, Grandpa Peditto, attempting to stay relevant in the teaching of the M2 (Millennial) Generation. Even if I wasn’t a self-confessed Luddite, it would be a constant struggle in attempting to keep up with the current media consumption patterns of this voracious group. Staying hip–and God help you if you tried to used that moldy phrase–has never been tougher. The M2’s are samplers. With instant access to all content comes the necessity to sample all the cool new shit that daily appears via Instagram and Facebook pages, Youtube vids, video games, graphic novels and manga streams, music via Grooveshark, Spotify or Pandora…I get dizzy/exhausted just imagining the 5-6-7 multi-tasking tabs they have to run 24/7 just to keep up with it.

I recently came across a short film that got into the Toronto Film Festival last year. It’s called Noah. This is a movie that looks like nothing you’ve seen before. It’s forced POV for the majority of the movie–meaning we’re IN THE COMPUTER SCREEN–seeing it exactly as our hero Noah sees it. Poor Noah is breaking up with his girlfriend via Facebook. It’s just 17 minutes. I’ve screened it for a couple classes at Columbia. The first time was for a Screenwriting 2 class and the response was pretty remarkable. Cries of “THIS IS MY LIFE!” emerged. Finally, it seemed, I had tapped into something the M2’s could relate to. Maybe now they’d forgive me trying to jam The Elephant Man down their throats.

The very speed of technological advance in our culture means that, by definition, Noah will soon be outdated as Millennials move on from Facebook (hasn’t that already happened?) to other activities. Meanwhile, here’s the link to Noah. If you want to tap into the consciousness of the generation that’s going to be paying into Grandpa Peditto’s Social Security fund, check this out.


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